About Us


Malayali: A new, savvy lifestyle magazine for American Malayalees. Written exclusively for Malayalees living in the United States by other American Malayalees just like them, this family magazine is unlike anything we have (never) seen before. With content specifically tailored to suit our lifestyle, the issues and situations we deal with on an everyday basis, addressing our thoughts and views, likes and interests, hopes and fears, ‘Malayali’, aims to be the voice of our community and to connect Keralites all over the United States.

Although ‘Malayali’ is primarily in Malayalam, we hope to address Malayali children and youth in the language that reaches out to them best. Hence, ‘Malayali’s Youth Section will be in English. Even better, we seek active participation from the youngsters and invite their creative writing, artwork and articles expressing their thoughts and views on various issues for publishing in ‘Malayali’.

‘Malayali’ will be a complete family magazine with something for everybody. To this end, we seek your blessings and support.

Thank you.
-Team Malayali.
Lesbian Porn Movies

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